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Projects by Siddhansh

You've just stepped into my digital workshop, where I showcase both my ongoing and past projects. You'll find it humming with vibrant content-based work. And guess what's on the horizon? A blog, itching to unfurl its wings and take off! Of course, there's a mix of side-projects too, some linked to my main gig, others not – because, why not mix things up a bit?

If you want to work with me, you can directly email here, or scroll to find my resume and portfolio attached.



Adulting Series on Instagram

I offer a helping hand to young adults teetering on the edge of solo living, guiding them through the basics of flourishing independently. Think of it as a roadmap to self-reliance, simplifying the journey from relying on parental safety nets to confidently embracing the freedom and responsibilities of adulthood.


Sit with Sid

Welcome to my podcast universe – a lively platform dedicated to dissecting content creation, exploring the multifaceted internet culture, and unpacking a buffet of fascinating ideas. So far, we've journeyed through 50 episodes, engaging with a diverse line-up of creators, academia gurus, entrepreneurial wizards, and my cherished circle of friends. Each conversation is a new insight, a new story waiting to be shared.



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Acha Laga? Share Karo!

Say hello to an Instagram feed that dishes out practical life hacks and captivating tidbits to appease the ever-hungry curiosity of the digital world. It's a space where useful meets intriguing, every scroll an invitation to learn something new and exciting.


Drip Gaming Festival

Drip Gaming Festival is the last conclave of the year between industry leaders, professionals, and influencers.

Marrying streetstyle and gaming, this one of a kind conclave brings together the industry's best.

I worked on curating the social media presence of the festival and bringing in an audience 1000 people.

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Trypod Media

A creator-focused social media agency focussed on building distribution and content for creators and brands.

I ran this company for 4 months, generated 50,000USD with prominent clients incluing Raj Shamani, EGI, and Prakhar Ke Pravachan

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